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Reparations is Our Debt, Reform is Our Duty.



The mission of Paying Reparations Now is to enable its members to provide financial, communal and personal reparations to individuals, and/or entities, affected by institutional racism emanating from the existence of slavery in America.

Paying Reparations Now acknowledges the generational wrongs originally perpetrated by American Whites on Native Africans who were kidnapped, denied human dignity, bought and sold as property and brutalized into slavery, FOR WHICH WE SINCERELY APOLOGIZE. As a result of slavery, ongoing systemic racism is a vital issue in America for which compensation to the victims is deemed morally just.

Resources that help us better understand institutional racism and the different theories around reparations.

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Actions we can take that promote personal, municipal and institutional, Reparations including IRA's (Individual Reparations) and working with legislators to pass HR.40

Connect with us and other organizations and groups working towards, equity, justice and Reparations.

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