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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"...the price of equality, or at least of the promise of an equal society, is vigilance against those who would make government the tool of hierarchy. And, in turn, we must recognize that this struggle--to secure democracy against privilege on the one hand, and to secure privilege against democracy on the other--is an unresolvable conflict of American life. It is the push and pull that will last as long as the republic stands."

Chapter 7: Politics by Jamelle Bouie. (Last sentence on page 208). The 1619 Project. A New Origin Story. Nikole Hannah-Jones

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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"Our nation has expended an incredible amount of resources creating the disparities that plague our communities" Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, as quoted

QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"White Americans began as a people so arrogant in convictions of racial superiority that they felt licensed to kill red people, to enslave black people, and to import yellow and brown people for peon


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