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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"As an instrument of labor, the slave has a price. As a property, the slave has a value. The slave's labor is needed and used, so he is therefore kept alive, but in a state of injury, in a phantom-like world of horrors and intense cruelty and profanity. The violent terror of the slave's life is manifested through the overseer's disposition to behave in a cruel and intemperate manner, as well as in the spectacle of pain inflicted on the slave's body. Violence, here, becomes an element in manners, like whipping, or taking the slave's life itself: an act of caprice and pure destruction aimed at instilling terror. Slave life, in many ways, is a form of death-in-life." Necropolitics by Achille Mbembe (page75)

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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"Our nation has expended an incredible amount of resources creating the disparities that plague our communities" Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, as quoted

QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"White Americans began as a people so arrogant in convictions of racial superiority that they felt licensed to kill red people, to enslave black people, and to import yellow and brown people for peon


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