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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

Aristotle: "Humanity is divided into two: the master and the slaves, or if one prefers it, the Greeks and the Barbarians, those who have the right to command, and those who are born to obey."

Plato: " ...compared the slave to the body, the master to the soul."

Diogenes: "...observed that the man who relied on captive labor was the true slave. Such sophisticated reflections had no effect on practice. "

The Slave Trade: The Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade 1440-1870 by Hugh Thomas

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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"White Americans began as a people so arrogant in convictions of racial superiority that they felt licensed to kill red people, to enslave black people, and to import yellow and brown people for peon


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