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QUOTES OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"...some appreciable percentage of those who are racialized as white are descended from those who are directly or indirectly culpable for the atrocities of the global racial empire, and all who are now racialized as white enjoy access to certain accumulations of power and privilege that have flowed from that empire. Some imagine that this helps us explain why white people as such are properly held uniquely responsible for the crimes of global racial empire." Reconsidering Reparations by Olufemi Q. Taiwo (page 118)

"One of the great things that the white world does not know, but I think I do know, is that Black people are just like everyone else. One has used the myth of Negro and the myth of color to pretend and to assume that you were dealing with, essentially, with something exotic, bizarre, and practically, according to human laws, unknown. Alas, it is not true. We're also mercenaries, dictators, murders, liars. We are human too." 'The Black Scholar Interviews, 1973. James Baldwin--as quoted in Reconsidering Reparations by Olufemi Q. Taiwo (page121)

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QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"Our nation has expended an incredible amount of resources creating the disparities that plague our communities" Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, as quoted

QUOTE OF THE DAY by Marc Wurgaft

"White Americans began as a people so arrogant in convictions of racial superiority that they felt licensed to kill red people, to enslave black people, and to import yellow and brown people for peon


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